Alvis 12/50 TJ DHC

FS1481 is a 1931 Alvis 12/50 Doctors Coupe. Again she has outlasted her previous owner Richard Entwistle, who sadly passed on around 3 years ago. The family had hoped to keep FS1481, however after some soul searching the only fair option for FS1481 is to find a new loving and active custodian just like her previous longer-term owners. The custodian prior to Richard had enjoyed her for 35 years!

I understand from correspondents that FS1481 is quite well known in Alvis circles, with Richard attending many local Alvis and Preston and District Vintage Car Club events in her, as well VSCC event’s which is where I use to catch up with him. If not in this 12/50 in his trusty Land Rover Discovery, I think it was one of the very first produced.

Obviously, Richard isn’t about to be able for me to share their adventures, or exactly the works he had undertaken during his 14 plus years of ownership, invoices on file allude to an engine top end rebuild. Since Richards death, the family have undertaken the following. Fuel tank removed and cleaned, fuel lines flushed, carburettor removed, sonic cleaned and rebuilt. Engine serviced, Chassis cleaned and re-greased. The Brakes have all been stripped, with new liners fitted, the same with the wheel bearings the last MOT was undertaken June 2017, since which negligible mileage has been undertaken.

Overall the car is very useable and seems to be sound in the body frame, I'm not wishing to do the FS1481 a disservice she’s clearly not in concourse winner condition nor oily rag, she is very useable and ready to enjoy. The engine has very good oil pressure with a clean gear change, she pulls well up hills even when at the bottom of the rev range. The interior both in the front and dicky is free from damage, personally, I was unsure about the light interior colour at first but in the flesh, it suits the exterior and is a nice change. The hood looks to be almost new, is easy to erect on your own, with the addition of glass wind up windows a good level of wind and rain protection is achieved.


There is a luggage rack with the car but not fitted currently.

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